Feldspar was established in 2005 with over 100 years of combined experience in the construction sector.

About Feldspar

Established in 2005 with over 100 years of combined experience in the construction sector, we pride ourselves on our expert and professional client service, with clear and transparent communication

Feldspar - Client Side Project Management and Consultancy

Consider us as your trusted partner that will listen and do the job – well.

It can be hard to navigate a project of size, which is where we lead in giving clarity around the process and what to expect, when.We’re a team that covers multiple different facets across various sectors; From the business case, health and safety through to asbestos management. A benefit to you of a smaller team managing your project, means a more personalised experience and exceptional service.

The benefit of having a client-side Project Manager

Feldspar’s premium service

With an experienced local team proficient in various domains, we deliver a premium, all-inclusive service that starts prior to development, encompassing tasks like locating the building, reviewing specifications, architect selection, design management, construction, interior design, and final delivery.

Our partnerships

Our working relationship is founded on partnership, accountability, and transparency, which greatly contributes to the value we offer. With our extensive industry experience and network of relationships, we provide not just our services and expertise but also access to other tradespeople and invaluable industry knowledge.

End-to-end service

Our expertise in project management ensures the best outcomes for both the client and Feldspar by providing comprehensive support from project initiation, including formulating the Business Case and securing funding, to successful implementation. Starting early minimises risks, cost escalation, and complexity while setting the project up with proper success metrics and tracking tools.

Our Process

As your client-side Project Managers, our role is to ensure that:

  • The needs and wishes of our clients are fully represented in the design and implementation of projects
  • Projects are developed within our client’s budget expectations and are delivered on time
  • Projects are fit for purpose and strategically aligned
  • All stakeholders are recognised and consulted throughout the design process and implementation and construction phases
  • Projects obtain all the necessary consents and meet all the relevant legislation
  • All post-contract documentation is provided and accurate
Joff Riley and David Booth of Feldspar